Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Self-Drafted 60s Tunic Top

So this top took me FAR too long to make - and there is good reason for that.

This perhaps was the easiest pattern of all to make for me (albeit a slight bit more technical due to the button placement, button extension, etc.)

But life got in the way for me. I was sick with some ridiculous throat thing with a cough for about 2 week which is completely unheard of for me. I usually am only sick for about 3-4 days but this thing just lingered. I was miserable and slept a lot. I also interviewed for and got a new job in the process as well as have been shopping for Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving happened, so... there's all that. 

Onward! Max actually helped me pick fabric/helped design this one with me. The tunic top is based off of a photo of a near-exact tunic top from 1967 in an old  McCall's catalog. I didn't want to spend time searching for that specific pattern online so I went up to the sewing room and BAM banged out the pattern. Alas, the pattern is also self-drafted.

Ok, no amount of color correcting on Photoshop would make this top look true-color. Imagine the background as a light blue because that's what it is. I guess my house is overly orange. Outside photos would be best, but you guys! I woke up this morning and it was 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is much closer in color. The underside of the button extension is orange which was Max's idea completely. I thought that both sides should be orange so it was all broken up and contrast-y like I like, but this actually came out really well. I did a double welt for both pockets but accidentally slightly overlapped them. They still work just fine. I think I just didn't want gaping open pockets! 

Inside pocket bag.

This was also one of my first times (literally) using a bias tape binding on anything. Yes, really. They teach you how to make piping, make bias tape, do all kinds of weird tricks in design school, but they never teach you how to attach bias tape correctly. As a result, I did something sorta-wrong but it's finished very well. Just the stitch line shouldn't be exactly where it is.  I'll definitely make another one of these in the future, so there is time to figure out that bias tape bit.

Both sleeve hems and bottom hem have a slight flare to them.

Back view.

Sooooo what's the verdict? Can I get away with wearing this to my new job? I think I'm going to attempt to! 

Also, I think Max will be helping me design some more items in the near-future. He's good at editing my eye (because I like to go crazy sometimes) and he loves helping pick out fabric. I think he's in the wrong business, haha!



  1. Super cool! I love it, wonderful work. And yes, wear it to your new job.

  2. Amazing job! Love the cut of it and the pattern - love!

  3. wow! this turned out so well! I kind of reminds me of the Nehru collar jackets that those dapper dandies would wear in Carnaby street! shame the fabric colour couldn't come out - winter is the worst for photographing. so cold and dark. but i guess lots of lovely white snow would be a nice brighter, anyway... i love this and you look so happy in your photos!

  4. Love it! The colours, the shape - all perfect and it really suits you.


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