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Showing posts from December 8, 2013

Traveling with Google Earth: Legnica, Poland and Wroclaw, Poland

I've been doing this thing for a few months... I really don't know how often at all anyone uses Google Earth anymore (aside from looking at Street View to find that one place you're headed to on Friday night but not quite sure where it is.)

When it first came out as Google Earth in 2005, I was enthralled with what you could see - so little compared to now, but the 3D buildings feature was a fantastic new thing. Now there are so many images of so many places via street view that one can literally start traveling the world by street view alone and that's exactly what I have been doing. I've started documenting my "travels" by hitting print screen and cropping in Photoshop of interesting buildings and places around the world.

Typically, my "travels" are spurred by a few things: Today for instance, I saw that I have a friend who has a friend from Legnica, Poland (thanks, Facebook.) I Googled photos of said place, saw a few interesting buildings, th…