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Exhibition and Pattern Grading

I'm pleased to say that the Lomo show went really well! The turnout was really nice and people really liked what they saw!

                                                         Top worn by me also Manic Pop.    
  Photo by Piper Robbins
I have far more photos coming. Since it's an analogue photo store, many of us took photos with our film cameras (and I brought my Holga along). I have the CFN 120 version which I bought in 2009. So we have to do this really retro thing of (omg!) waiting a week or so for photos to be developed and prints to be made!

 Photo by Erica Chatman.
The film I was using in my Holga was 120 film, so it actually has to be processed at a special lab and sent off to New York. So keep an eye out for a blog post chock full of only photos from the Lomo event around next week!

Otherwise, I'm still working on new things including a custom order of a Sunrise Panel Dress, but one thing I've been playing with and really, really delving into learning is…