Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lomo 120 Film Photos from Manic Pop Dress Party

Here are the long-promised photos from my exhibition at Lomography Chicago on August 10th!
It actually closed yesterday, so my dresses and art were hanging for a good 2-3 weeks or so which was nice.

I forgot how long it takes to get film back! Plus, when labs are having slight issues it can take a bit longer.

All images shot on a Holga CFN with 120 film. These images actually came out way darker than my normal ones. I haven't used my Holga in a good year or so, perhaps I forgot which speed of film I normally use.


Max's family came out!

My own store manager won the La Sardina giveaway!
Attempted double-exposure. Sort of worked.

Lomography Chicago may have gotten some more photos but they haven't posted them yet. I took 24 shots and sadly, only these 8 or so really came out. I had about 4 others of me just finishing the roll off at home so really only one roll of 12 photos came out! Argh.

If you've been watching my Instagram, you can see that my new fall jacket is almost done!

I sewed the lining and all this in about 5 hours on Saturday, going to get to the sleeves and collar, perhaps finishing it today? I guess we'll see.

It's about 94 degrees in Chicago which is deathly hot and the sewing room only gets hotter as it's in a finished attic space. I've attempted to have an air conditioning unit in that window up there, but the house is so old and runs on a fuse box that you have to systematically unplug things and even then, you're probably going to blow a fuse.

So.... apologies if I am slow on projects right now. Fall might be lots of me outside since it's my favorite season. I still have one dress to make before my dress mini-collection is finished, and that will be done in September sometime which is also the grand opening of my Etsy store!

I will be taking custom orders for my own designs, but perhaps sewing different versions (in different sizes) of older dress designs in different fabrics to sell. I'm a little unsure of myself with re-sizing still (although I understand it) so it's always nerve-wracking for me to do that, especially when there are lots of seams to try to deal with grading.

Until next time, hope everyone is doing well with their sewing projects!


  1. Super cool photos. Congrats on your exhibition. And the coat is coming along beautifully even in this heat wave.

  2. congrats on your photo exhibit! The dress looks awaesome too! I remember trying to do all the fun tricks with my holga too. Double exposure with different coloured flash was fun and i even made a 35mm film frame. I should buy some film and get back onto to it.


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