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Showing posts from May 27, 2013

Broadcast Skirt

Somehow within my busy week, I still found time for another Manic Pop original sample garment. I spent all day Thursday working on patterns and then sewing this skirt which is really just a practice of me making side seam inside pockets (complete success.) It's good to work on your skills from time to time. To clarify: Patterns took about an hour to make, cutting/sewing took about 4-5.

I wanted to take photos outside, but Chicago weather is NOT cooperating yet again! It's only about 60F out there and rainy. (About 16C for you Celsius peeps.) :)

I did run into a few minor problems with this skirt - obviously, because I didn't make a muslin and I didn't take certain things into consideration. I think this skirt makes me look slightly wider than I actually am, mostly because I didn't take the time to play with the shape of the skirt pattern, I just used my regular ol' skirt block. That's my own dumb fault.

Another thing! I noticed after I took the photos of th…