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It's My Birthday!

Admittedly off to a rough start, I got myself dressed and am heading out for something for myself. Might be an Argo Tea, might be some flowers for the porch from Home Depot.... something.

 I'm alone for most of this birthday today, so I'm probably going to try to sew one last item before my trip to Connecticut which I'll be celebrating my 27th birthday with family... and Carvel ice cream cake!

For some reason, this dress just asks for a bouffant-ish hairstyle. I seem to usually have my hair like this whenever I wear this dress. I bought it long ago at Lenny and Me in Wicker Park though they have since closed.

See more photos from mine and Jane's photoshoot in 2011 here.

It's still one of my favorite vintage dresses!
I'll be in both Connecticut and Brooklyn soon, so I plan on using that whole week to splurge on myself for my birthday. That's what vacations and birthdays are for, right?