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Completed: Sunset Maxi Skirt

Finished what I am calling the "Sunset Skirt" last night! 
Ok, ok - I am faaaaaarr from a Photoshop expert. If you look hard enough, you can see a bunch of flaws. My advice? DON'T LOOK SO HARD.

This skirt is made from a very fine, stretch lycra. In retrospect, perhaps not the best fabric choice. The fabric shows every minor sewing issue and when you walk, it stretches in such a way that the fabric looks like it's a pattern issue with pulling. Also, the fabric store I go to - you have to take your choices. I originally was looking for a stretch jersey but didn't find anything I liked. I also had completely different colors in mind but couldn't find the hues I wanted.

I'm not beating myself up about it. This was my 2nd stretch knit fabric garment ever and it was my own pattern.  You may recognize the design from my Ultimate Manic Pop Collection board I did. I never planned on making anything from that board, but over time I really wanted this skirt.