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White Picket Fences

Yes, yes.... I know. I haven't finished sewing my quick-and colorful-maxi skirt yet. These things take time. And pattern making in between days I'm at work.


Not an original of mine, this dress was found for about $6 at the same super-secret location in Wicker Park. The shape on me is fantastic - giving me the appearance of a super-tiny waist. It's also my favorite fabric, polyester! This photo feels oddly late-90s for some reason - like I should be listening to Stereolab, or Super Furry Animals, or something. (I still listen to those bands.)

 Maybe you can see in this photo a little, but it sort of makes this upside-down v-shape under the bust. There must be a name for it, but I don't know what it's called. The seaming is the same on this dress from last year, oddly enough found at the same shop!

I've also had this purse since high school (at least 2003). It's from one of those department stores like Younkers or Sears and I remember a WHOLE TA…