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Quilted Pillowcase - Make it Yourself!

I've been doing lots of home re-vamping so it was only a matter of time before I got to doing a home tutorial!

This one is a quilted pillowcase! For some reason or another, we had this pillow on the couch with this really ugly fabric. I actually don't even know where this pillow really came from either - things just appear in this house and beg me to improve them.

The original pillow has the exact size triangles as my version on the right but the fabric is so close you can hardly tell! This pillowcase is also made from all scrap fabric in my sewing room. I guess I tend to really over-buy fabric. The brown was from a pair of menswear pants I made back in 2005 in college, the yellow (I really think I picked it up at a thrift store long ago) will be familiar if you've seen the top of my Mix N Match dress, and the green polyester is from when I constructed my mom's apron.

This is my little sketch of the pillowcase before making a triangle pattern and an edging pattern. Y…