Thursday, January 24, 2013

Date with Ikea

 So yesterday me and Max decided it was a fun idea to go on a little "date" at Ikea. Little did I know, you don't really come back from Ikea empty-handed. We accidentally bought this orange Billy bookshelf!

Those of you that have never been to Ikea - it's this giant place full of different "rooms" of furniture and home accessories (about 3 floors) and they even have a food court where you can get Swedish meatballs, salmon lasagna, sandwiches, etc. plus a cafe downstairs with cinnamon buns, hot dogs... it's kind of awesome.

We almost bought these hexagonal mirrors but bought so many other things I think we forgot about them. Plus, where would we put them? The house is pretty well-furnished to begin with.

I rarely wear this snowflake sweater vest, but perhaps I should more. I bought it during my short run working at Anthropologie in 2006 during college. It's the only thing clothing-wise I bought from there because I had to be soooo careful with money.

I must say: I am quite spoiled by my SLR. We only took my new point and shoot because it was easier to carry as well as much more inconspicuous, thus slightly lower quality photos. Max kept telling me not to worry about getting "yelled at" for taking photos, but I'm so used to that being the case in stores!

 Perhaps as close as I will get to ever having a turquoise kitchen.

No, we didn't get this. Haha.

I think we spent a good 3 hours altogether at the Ikea in Schaumburg yesterday. Definitely a fun inside activity during the winter. Only problem now is that we want more things than we knew we needed.

I almost went home with some light turquoise blue dishes yesterday (a whole set!) but I stopped myself for I still have my 1970 Spring Blossom green Corelle dishes that are just fine. My mom gave them to me in college, not caring if I broke them. I don't think they were supposed to last this long!

Bookshelf fits right in with the room! I don't know why I should be surprised: it has an early 70s theme going on anyway with the avocado and orange.

We're still filling it up, but that shouldn't take long.

Sweater vest - Anthropologie
Yellow cardigan - gift, originally from Forever21
Orange Skirt - BKI
Glasses - Urban Eyecare from 2009
Earrings - Strange Cargo
Boots - Call It Spring

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