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Showing posts from January 24, 2013

Date with Ikea

So yesterday me and Max decided it was a fun idea to go on a little "date" at Ikea. Little did I know, you don't really come back from Ikea empty-handed. We accidentally bought this orange Billy bookshelf!

Those of you that have never been to Ikea - it's this giant place full of different "rooms" of furniture and home accessories (about 3 floors) and they even have a food court where you can get Swedish meatballs, salmon lasagna, sandwiches, etc. plus a cafe downstairs with cinnamon buns, hot dogs... it's kind of awesome.

We almost bought these hexagonal mirrors but bought so many other things I think we forgot about them. Plus, where would we put them? The house is pretty well-furnished to begin with.

I rarely wear this snowflake sweater vest, but perhaps I should more. I bought it during my short run working at Anthropologie in 2006 during college. It's the only thing clothing-wise I bought from there because I had to be soooo careful with mone…