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I don't know why I rarely visit Chinatown - it's not super-far away for me but for some reason I forget to go there.

Last week my mom was visiting from Connecticut and this was the first trip we made! She had apparently always wanted to visit Chinatown, so I decided to show her around a bit.

It was one of those perfect days out to run around the city. I ended up wearing a short sleeve sweater I knitted back in my Knitwear Design class in college.

This sweater in particular is about 5 years old and it's the first (and really only?) sweater I have ever knitted. I can remember knitting it while I was taking my Senior Project class (essentially sewing together your entire senior collection), as well as working 2 part time jobs.

I actually designed the sewing pattern for it - just a simple short sleeve sweater with a crawling cable stitch. My teacher at the time, who was an avid knitter and published in many knitting magazines, had a pattern somewhere for a beautiful crawling c…