Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I rarely post sketches of things - not really because I'm worried about people "stealing" ideas (isn't that what fashion does anyway?) but really because I sketch so much but only about 1/3 to perhaps only 1/4 of it is actually worth it.

The flats board here was for a boutique collection in California that was supposed to happen some 6 months or more ago that never ended up going anywhere (yet?). I stumbled upon these again recently and was pretty excited about the color choices, contrast fabrics, etc. I had forgotten almost all about it.

I figure by now, it's safe to release these. Otherwise, they're just lost to time.

Other sketches essentially lost to time:

 This came into my head in April... then last night only got the swirly things added onto it. I kind of think I need to make it.

 Somehow, I had an eveningwear moment happen. I rarely if ever design eveningwear but when I do, it has a definite vintage vibe. The one on the left almost seems 20s-30s and the right one is more 50s.

 Early concepting for the "Mix n Match" dress. The idea is that all these pattern pieces will mix and match unto the same dress foundation to get a sort of build-your-own-dress. I suppose it's not unlike Built By Wendy's fabulous dress book (she has a jacket one too) but the idea helps me produce more than one dress with no changes to the sewing patterns, just adding or subtracting pieces to cut.

 I still actually really want this jacket. 

 Some old stuff from 2010.

 Perhaps super early ideas of the cloud dress happening here? I have a scarf with an ambiguous pattern - is it waves or clouds? And that inspired the pattern on this dress.

I'll perhaps have more sketches to post in the future, but that's all for now! Just a peek.

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