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Showing posts from October 15, 2012

Knitted Turban Hat

A super quick post...

Seems I'm to the point where I am competing with myself to out-weird one outfit from the next (aside from the Autumnal Day in the Park post where I was just cozy.)

I'm really into knitwear at the moment and this knitted turban hat pretty much sums it up. I found it perhaps 3-4 years ago at my favorite thrift store. I can't remember if it was 50 cents or $2, but it could have been anywhere in between.

 How often do you really see a knitted winter turban?! I typically wear it in the winter, but it seemed right for today somehow.
 Apologies for the odd poses/faces. It was getting dark out and even though I sat still on a long exposure, there was still a lot of ghostiness happening. This is what you get for being a backyard blogger.

PS: The neighbors still think I'm nuts.
Detail shot. I still have my Victrola pin! I originally had a blue and silver one I found at (yet again) my favorite thrift store, but it got caught on something an broke. I forme…