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Memorial Day Weekend - Day 2

Day 2 consisted of Old Fashioned Days Memorial Day Parade! 
As a kid, we didn't go to this too much because everyone in the parade would end up driving down the road we lived on after they went down the parade route, so we got to see most of it. 
I think my favorite part of the whole parade might be the fact that they have antique cars throughout the entire parade. 
Here I am snapping photos with my Holga. I have 2 rolls to get developed of 120 film, so those will be up within the next 2 weeks if they turn out alright. 

 Pomona Park.

They had a petting zoo! 

Max's high-flying plane. 

 Or not. 

 Jerry was adding some more wood to the fire to make s'mores later on. It rained, but not for long. We had a nice flicker of lightning going on above us the whole time we ate s'mores later on in the dark.

As kids, me and my sister rode this golf cart around the yard. We had 2 - this was the electric one and the other was a gas one. Both are long-dead now but we had tons of fun r…