Friday, June 22, 2012

Live Forever: Arthur T-Shirt

I'm beyond excited to finally announce that Brooklyn Industries is releasing a t-shirt with my beloved Arthur featured on it! They just started arriving in the New York stores today and will be available nationwide and online within the week. Baby Bud is a star!

Arthur is the top 2 cat heads on the t-shirt which was taken from a photo I had of him posing on the arm of the couch. See the blog about Arthur and his life with us here.

Special thanks to Darleen for making this happen. She's an amazing woman and I can't thank her enough.

A bit more about Arthur:
Me and Brian always joke that Arthur was a man trapped in a cat's body as he was very particular about EVERYTHING, very communicative, and was a total weirdo. (I estimate that I have had close to 40 cats over my lifetime and none have come close to Arthur.)

One of my favorite funny memories of him was when Brian had to put the cone on him (Arthur of course scratched himself somehow) and then subsequently disappeared into the basement. He always thought the basement would "fix" him for some reason.

Brian went down there to find him - Arthur would intentionally, very sarcastically and slowly walk into things with the cone so it wasn't too difficult to find him. I think he did it mostly to annoy us with it, not really trying to get it off. Brian is looking and suddenly, Arthur comes stomping out of the dark in the basement. Brian asks him, "What? Did you come down here to pout?" and Arthur screams. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Definitely a mad "get-it-off-me" meow.

He was so loud that I heard him from the livingroom upstairs and I ran to ask Brian what had happened. Nothing - Arthur was just expressing his frustration with the cone.

Every day I miss this insane cat. He truly was one of a kind. I'm just sad that we only had 2 years with him and we thought we had so many more as he was only around 10 when he died.

Miss you Baby Bud! Gonna live forever... on an awesome t-shirt.

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