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Memorial Day Weekend - Day 1

Memorial Day weekend was a blast! We visited my step-dad Jerry in Michigan for around 3 days. It went by so fast that it all feels like a dream.

We took over 600 photos (yeah, I know) so I'll be breaking this into a few posts over the next few days.

Day 1 we took a trip to beautiful Hoffmaster State Park - we hiked up in the dunes through the woods and then went to the beach just past the dunes. We couldn't have picked a better weekend.

 These are the stairs you have to climb to get to the top of the dunes. I remember being a kid RUNNING up these stairs. This time? Not so much. We paused at the "old people benches" to not get ahead of ourselves. 

Max, up in the dunes! 

 The Sloan tote goes everywhere with me.

After all this, we ate lunch nearby the mall and then went to Craig's Cruisers (go karts and mini golf!)  followed by fireworks at Old Fashioned Days. We couldn't have the camera out the whole time, but we did get some good shots.

Photos by Max.

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