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Showing posts from May 7, 2012

Space Dress!

Ah! So excited that I finally finished my SPACE DRESS!

I had been working on it far too long for how simple it is, but with generally a little over 40 hours a week and still a modest social life... things don't get done quite as quickly as they did in college.

This pattern is loosely based on a dress featured in a Summer 1967 Simplicity Pattern catalog (see the "Modern Miss on the Move" photo. Originally, I had designed a built-up neckline for this dress and then decided I didn't like it. Instead, I created a semi-wide neck version. 
I also decided last-minute while pattern making that I wanted a third color stripe. The result is slightly garish, but I am not afraid of that! 
My design aesthetic is always vintage inspired, usually full of contrast colors, and simple silhouettes. This dress is quite indicative of what I do other than re-vamping fun vintage finds. I prefer simplicity versus over-designing and simple, washable fabrics. This dress is polyester (my favori…