Friday, May 11, 2012

Meet the New Kitties

Perhaps it's a little early since Arthur died less than a month ago... but it ended up working out that we adopted new kitties just in time for my birthday (May 9th)!

Meet PERCY! 


I'm sure these little crazies will end up in photos somehow. They're about 10 months old and they had apparently been at the PetsMart shelter since December, which is right before we found out about Arthur's cancer diagnosis.

These cats were actually found by someone as kittens on the South Side near 95th. The mom was nowhere to be found and the kittens were on a porch of a house that was apparently going to be demolished so the shelter took them in and nursed them. Days later, the mother appeared - an all black cat with Maine Coon-ish fur, looking for the babies. They took her in too and she began to nurse both Percy and Beatrix. After they were weaned from her though, the mother wants NOTHING to do with them which is odd to me because as kids when our cats had babies the mother still looked after them.

I actually was trying to avoid another tabby cat at least for a while, but while visiting them Percy was trying to pull me into his cage... but gently. So cute!

They're running around, trying to adjust to the house. I'm not surprised that Percy likes to play with Arthur's old tie. Even though Arthur was the weirdest cat by far that I have ever had, Percy is already proving to be much like him. It's actually sort of comforting. I guess it's fitting though because one night not long after Arthur died, I was crying about him and the name "Percy" popped into my head. Perhaps it was meant to be.

So excited to see what new and weird things these cats will bring to us!

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