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Showing posts from May 5, 2012

Jump From Paper

I spotted a woman wandering around Chicago with one of these bags sometime last month. I couldn't stop looking at it...

For a bit, I actually thought it might be a cardboard prop... but it's really a REAL bag! And much roomier than it looks.

Taipei-based design duo Jump from Paper came up with these bags one day while designing their dream bag and wondering aloud if the 2-dimensional drawing could come to life as a real bag.

  The bags all play with perspective and it literally tricks your eye. Seeing one in person, it's much, much large than it looks. Many of them can fit a laptop inside of them!

I'm in love with this slightly cartoonish alternative to any other bag I have seen recently. Such a unique and fun idea! I'm going to find a way to get one.

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