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A Re-Sized Dress

So dummy me never got "before" photos of this dress before I made it my own size.  Believe it or not, this dress was about 3-4 sizes too big for me when I first bought it at a thrift store. I was this close to putting it back on the rack when I realized I was dumb to pass it up. So I took it home with me. $2-ish? 
I typically think of it as "too patriotic" but with my new favorite cardigan (haha) it tones that feeling down a bit. 

Originally this dress had cap sleeves. I totally could have edited them to make them fit on the dress but I actually am a huge fan of sleeveless dresses. That and perhaps I was too lazy to edit the sleeves. All I did really was turn the dress inside out and fit the side seams of the dress to the curve of the mannequin which is sized to me more or less.

This dress is a nice, slightly stretchy polyester to it lends itself well to being fitted.

Overall, I am so glad I didn't pass up this dress - I love the tri-color contrast. The seamin…