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Shoegaze-y Dream-Pop Daydreams

Although My Bloody Valentine my be considered the ultimate shoegaze band (who are technically a pre-cursor to the actual label), there are a few other droning guitar-laden bands that can fit into the genre that is mostly a mix of 60s psych and garage rock.

For those of you unfamiliar with shoegaze, Wikipedia defines it exactly as this:  "Common musical elements of shoegaze consist of distortion, droning riffs and a "wall of sound" from noisy guitars. Typically, two distorted rhythm guitars are played together to give an amorphous quality to the sound. Although lead guitar riffs were often present, they were not the central focus of most shoegaze songs."

Enough of the history lesson - here are some all-time favorites of mine. The first two are essentially classic shoegaze and the second two are shoegaze-y enough to be considered as such due to influences and usage of distorted guitar effects.

While Junior Panthers isn't technically considered "shoegaze…