Thursday, February 2, 2012

Music to Work To

A friend recently got me in to listening to Flying Lotus radio on Pandora and Flying Lotus was his top pick as music he loves to work to. The beats are steady, usually electronic/synthesizer based, and dreamy. Many people cite his biggest influence as J. Dilla as does one of my current favorite artists, Toro Y Moi. Fans of his album Causers of This released in 2009 will likely dig Flying Lotus's 2010 release, Cosmogramma which is a mix of synthy-beats and jazzy electronic instrumentals with blips of video game sounds. This is quite conducive to a productive creative work flow. It's been making me want to stay up in the sewing room!

These following photos are paintings (which I love!) done by said friend - Chicago artist, Ennis Martin... likely listening to Flying Lotus?

 Painting copyright of Ennis Martin.

Painting copyright of Ennis Martin.

I generally work to lots of things; Pandora stations, my own mix, but one I always seem to come back to is Chicago's own, The Sea and Cake, especially their album One Bedroom.

I have a week off coming up, so it's likely I will be listening to both these bands, experimenting with color, shape, and textures.

What's your favorite music to work to? Feel free to post in comments below!

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