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Stripes Everywhere! Vintage Home Decorating Ideas

So I am absolutely dying to make curtains like these:

These are specifically made for a kitchen as they are much shorter than what I would do. I have curtains that desperately need replacing  in my living room (the front picture window) and this project is definitely on my list. It's daunting though because each curtain will have to be around 4 ft. by 6 ft. Yikes!

 I also would sort of update this look by using more subdued hues like a pale green and a pale, sheer blue. This would be fun to try on a much smaller scale - like a kitchen window in this photo. (Photo credit: The Complete Encylopedia of Crafts, Volume 1 from 1975.)

For anyone in Chicago, a great place to find lots and lots of cheap fabric is Textile Discount Outlet. Go there with some time on your hands as there are 3 warehouse-sized floors of fabric, notions, etc. and always check their hours!

Another fun home idea is this, though I may be the only one crazy enough to actually do this:
(Photo: Living for Today by K…