Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I Wore - Vintage Watercolor Dress

I've mostly been busy hackin' up a lung my past 2 days off, but I managed to dress a little cute today in hopes of shaking off this ridiculous cough. (So far, the only thing that has helped is the Echinacea Throat Coat tea - Dayquil is no match for this thing.)

Some of you may remember this is the same watercolor print vintage dress that used to be a pantsuit this summer. I found this thing at a vintage sale in Wicker Park - a woman who owns Onomatopoeia Vintage in Hammond, Indiana. I'm not sure how thrilled she was at me taking this and making it into a dress, but I love-love it as a dress. It might be my favorite.

Before and after photos: 

I simply cut the seams of the inside legs open, fit and pinned it accordingly, and drastically pulled up the hem. It took me less than 20 minutes and it's super-easy to do with any pants you have. Test it out on a pair from a thrift store!

Brian also convinced me I needed this bottle of nail polish the other day. It's my absolute favorite color and it's in a new line of nail polish colors by L'Oreal. This one is Club Priv`e. I rarely wear nail polish anymore (and you can see I already chipped it somehow) and chipping in general no matter what I do is exactly why.

I've also been working on this crazy dress:

This will have another sleeve (obviously) and other fashion designer friends out there may notice I have to play with the way the sleeve is set into the dress. The blue chunk down the middle was a last-minute addition on the pattern and I think I like it more than it only being two tones of pink and mustard yellow which was the original plan.

I think I'll post sketches of the pattern I created for this dress at a later date if anyone wants to reference them for any reason but the patterns are quite simple.

Here's to hoping I can get rid of this cough!

Blue cat eye glasses - prescription - new old stock (50s or 60s) on Etsy. (Thanks, Mom!)

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