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DIY: Vintage Color Drip Candles

I was beyond delighted to find yet another vintage crafts book on an outing to a local Chicago thrift store with my friend Kat last weekend. I almost didn't see it!

This one was published in 1975 and includes many DIY projects such as paper crafts (including amazingly cute pop-up cards you can make!), knitting and crocheting, clay crafts, plastic crafts (!), metal jewelry making, simple woodworking, glass etching, creative mural and wall painting, and candle-making. From my research, about 7 volumes exist in this series, perhaps more.

I'm pretty sure the plastic crafts one included in this book is now dangerous to do at home, but maybe it wasn't in the 70s. The chemicals alone are enough to do some damage, right?

When I was little, I remember my mom getting us color drip candles somewhere and I was fascinated by them. Looking online now you can only buy 2 of them usually for around $7 - seems they are mostly a thing of the past. I have an awesome thrifted candelabra th…