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Colorblock Apron with Sewing Patterns!

So my mom asked me to make her an apron for Christmas - and this is what she's getting!

(I  know, I'm super-dorky. And I'm still have way too much time on my hands to play with Photoshop. And yes, my face is meant to be scary-ish in a 50s/early 60s sort of way.)

Detail of the apron.

And here are the pattern pieces. These are drawn to scale with a 1/2" seam allowance around all edges except where indicated with lines. Striped seam allowances are 1". Each piece also says how many to cut, length and width as well as a marked grainline. 

The pattern I made is essentially a close knock-off of the one I had in my house which my great-grandmother made from a shirt she never wore! This specific pattern is slightly larger than hers. I don't know if she made the pattern herself or if it was from a commercial pattern but I do know my mom says she used to go to this specific grandmother with a clothing design idea in her head and my great-grandmother would whip up a patt…