Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blog Fashion and Vintage Knitwear Project

I wasn't sure I would ever do this in particular with this blog, but the day has come: Photos of myself wearing slightly oddball things. I figure, why not?

This is what I looked like today. I had actually forgotten I have this particular pair of pants in my closet as working my retail job, we have to wear clothes from work and these are from Forever21 from maybe 3-4 years ago. Sometimes, pairing them with a top can be daunting which is probably how they ended up in the back of my closet.

Also, I may or may not have gone out in public with the fur collar. I realize it's more of a dressy piece (see how it's used here in a photo my by friend Jane) but I liked the pairing with the lumberjack shirt.

                                      Details. Necklace is resale from Buffalo Exchange.

 Without the fur collar.

As of late, I've been taking a short break from sewing and getting back into... KNITTING!
I actually thought I had completely forgotten how to knit due to trying to cast on some stitches, playing around one night a few years ago (which was a total disaster) and never attempted again.

Christmas Day I had a conversation with my boyfriend's niece about knitting and I also found a book I have had sitting on my shelf that my mom sent me a while back called "Make It Yourself" published in 1973. This book has instructions and a pattern for a tweed jacket which I'm making with knitwear attached. The knit for the collar, waistband, and cuff pieces on the tweed jacket are super-simple - just a knit 2 purl 2 rib knit.

The book is full of a myriad of knitting patterns, easy sewing patterns, crochet patterns, quick weekend home decor crafts, etc. I have another installment in that series which includes and awesome rug-hooking pattern with a single latch hook (which I can do but it takes FOREVER.) Shown is the rib knit I am working on for the tweed jacket at about half the size it needs to be at 4 1/2".

This book came with about 4 packets of sewing patterns which include that jacket I'm making as well as patterns for 2 blouses, a dress, and kids pinafore dresses. Normally, I make sewing patterns entirely by myself but I thought it would be fun to make something from a vintage pattern. 

It's funny how your muscle memory for knitting comes back. I thought I would struggle with it, but it came back almost instantly. Don't ask me how to increase, decrease, yarn over, or twist just yet though! I don't remember. I also don't know how I made this thing in college, but it's entirely my own sewing pattern/design with a spawling cable knit design from some book my teacher had. It took me hours to make. I lost count.

This is what the jacket I'm currently working on looks like in the book - kinda Grandma-y but I will make the design look cute, promise! 

 I also haven't figured out or bought the tweed I will be using for this jacket, but I will find it. Brown and black herringbone tweed might look nice with the dark blue. Or a subdued green? Maybe something else will jump out at me at the fabric store.

And this is what the flat sketch looks like in the book. Much cuter!

I can also fit the jacket accordingly if need be. I plan on bulking up the inside of this coat and making a lining to it (even though there are no lining pieces for this - make a self-lining by using pattern pieces you already have).

I really don't need another jacket but hey! It also could end up in the Etsy shop.

Wish me luck. Sometimes I start on things with gusto and don't quite finish until much later. For the time being, knitting is beyond addictive with this project.

Lumberjack shirt - Forever21
High-waist pants - Forever21
Boots - Call It Spring shoes
Owl necklace - Resale at Buffalo Exchange
Fur collar - Vintage (Night & Day Vintage, Chicago)
Rainbow lucite rings: Vintage
Square face watch - Dakota watches
Glasses (prescription) - Seraphin

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  1. oh my goodness.
    i love the fur collar.
    so pretty.

    x - ashley (hope necklace giveaway) if you're interested in entering


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