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Section 3: Collection Planning/Concepting

Hi everyone!

Now that we know how to sketch and put our designs in the computer, let's go ahead and talk about collection planning!

In fashion design school, planning a collection is discussed throughout your time there, but it is perhaps the most important during your Senior Collection where in the first class you do the sketching, concepting, and planning of your sewing patterns. I'll be getting into sewing/patternmaking shortly after this post.

For my own personal process, I start out with images - inspiration photos, seam line ideas, photos of a particular place, etc.

Here is an inspiration board I did in 2009.

I personally like to do digital collages as I can edit them as I see fit, but you may want to use a corkboard with images. Some people cut images out and make collages in blank books, others even make Pinterest boards. This board (or whatever method you choose) should be what inspires you! It can be about anything.

Some really good visual resources that designers us…