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Showing posts from March 16, 2015

Chloe Knockoff at the Dubuffet Sculpture

Finally here to post something new I designed!

Ok, if it looks familiar at all, it's because it's a sort of a knockoff of this dress by Chloe from 2013.

I loved the lines on the dress and with my love of colorblocking, I knew I had to find a way to make it my own. Initially, I was going to to the same overhang-thing on the Chloe dress but something in the patternmaking of it cinched the waist way too much. So I salvaged it by cutting the overhang part off and just attaching the bodice to skirt like a regular dress.

 This is actually the first thing I've designed and made in about 7 months (yikes) - I've been using commercial patterns for the last few things. So, being a teeny bit rusty I made quite a few errors somehow. I know how to fix them all, but ugh!

When I first tried it on, it was SUPER tight. I couldn't imagine why since I had made it fit my dressform and then it dawned on me - I forgot to include wearing ease on the pattern. Grr. So I ended up letting …