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Section 1: Fashion Illustration

Hi everyone, and welcome to my first post in this series in the Talks about Fashion Design!

This first post we will focus on the art of Fashion Illustration, since lots of fashion design starts with an idea in mind, right? Of course, different designers work differently so while this may not always be your exact starting point, I find sketching an idea helps you figure out how to design the garment.

In design school, fashion illustration is actually broken down as an 11-week class if you're on a quarter system like I was.

Let's get started!

Fashion illustrations by me in 2008/09.
There are some absolutely beautiful fashion sketches out there - ones that are a true work of art. But the basis of all fashion sketching is the croquis.

The what?! A fashion croquis! A croquis is basically a template of a figure. There are a few designers who draw freehand (no way is right or wrong) but I consistently pull out my 2 favorite that I have used all throughout my design career.

A fashi…