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Collaboration: Tanith Hat and Dress

Today's blog post is in collaboration with the lovely Tanith of Tanith Rowan Designs
Tanith has been doing a great series on hats through the decades and picked me to be her 60s girl! Make sure to check out all of her posts! 
I was so excited when Tanith asked me to be a collaborator for this series - based in Australia, she makes some really beautiful vintage-inspired hats! Via our original correspondence some time in February, we talked about my love for bright, out-there colors as well as how I was getting into the whole arrow-motif thing. She was able to put a fun arrow on this hat!
She kept the hat a surprise so when I opened the box I only knew she was sending a helmet-style hat, which I love. 

For my contribution to this collaboration, we decided I should make a garment to match with it. I've been wanting an arrow dress for some time, and this is what I came up with!

Quick Photoshop of my sketch for the colorways. Initially, the arrow oddly wasn't a part of the …