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Showing posts from November 29, 2012

Design Philosophy: A Wordy Post

Yesterday while wandering around, running errands I stopped as a last-ditch effort to find what I was looking for (didn't find it) at the Salvation Army in Uptown. Sitting on the bookshelf, grabbing my attention was this book with "KNITTING" printed on the side.

I have a number of knitting books, but still I lacked a knitting book that showed me how to do almost everything. No longer - this book has EVERYTHING in it. (There's a point to this post, trust me.)

I am not nearly an expert knitter by any means - I'm really still figuring things out and it's likely a seasoned knitter will find problems in my knit design pattern I posted. (I'm pretty great at sewing now however and making my own sewing patterns.) I already see the error in my knitting  of how I used a decrease that makes my stitch pattern swing to directions I would prefer it not - however, that's the beauty of learning things. This book answers practically every knitting question I ever have…