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Showing posts from November 14, 2012

Blueprint Collection

Part of my winter project is to update my fashion design portfolio because as we all know, fashion fades (style is eternal?). My goal is to have 3 mini "collections", 3 boards a piece - a total of 9 boards in all!
I'm currently hitting all of my self-imposed due dates, the last one being March 20th, and should have the croquis board done for this mini collection by December 3rd. Next up after this is hopefully a whole mini-line of fun knitwear designs, but we'll see if I get a different inspiration. Who knows!  I probably should wait to "unveil" all this boards at once, but I'm not one to do things like I "should". 
This one also finally has a name, inspired by odd and/or retro furniture: BLUEPRINT.  It's been fun doing these and much less tedious since when I was in school. I still don't do my flats in Illustrator, but I like the way they look better this way. 
Side note: I think I might need to make that couch-coat thing!