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Knitted Hood - Make it Yourself!

I finally got around to taking some photos of my knit hood which is an original pattern of mine! I've been wearing it around a lot this past week and it's been getting a lot of attention. A co-worker wanted to steal it and my sister wants one (I started knitting a deep red one for her!)

 This is pretty big for me - I had no idea I could make a pattern again for a knitwear garment. I also don't think I truly learned how to increase and decrease (at least didn't retain how to correctly), and truthfully, I don't know a whole lot about knitting!

I was inspired by a photo in a 60s teen magazine (I didn't end up buying) which made me want to try to create a pattern and knit one myself. I was actually looking online for a version of a knit hood, but when I couldn't find one, I resorted to what I always have to do anyway - make one yourself! This is obviously the whole reason I went to school for fashion design, haha.

 One day while riding the bus, I was searching…