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Jade Skirt by Paprika Patterns

Ok, so I'm not necessarily any good at following directions: I'm supposed to wait to post my version of this, but it's been 3 months since it's been made and I've been wearing it around a bit!

This skirt is the Jade Skirt by Lisa who is releasing PDF patterns online via her company, Paprika Patterns.  This is the first garment I've ever gotten to pattern-test and the first pattern she is ever releasing!

When Max is taking photos, he's always telling me to do the "goofy model poses". I suppose this is an attempt to get me looking more natural in photos since I don't always.

The skirt is made out of a stretch-knit fabric. I chose this stretchy floral - don't ask me what it is exactly because nothing is labeled at the fabric store I go to! I assume it has spandex in it for stretch as it's not a cotton stretch knit. I initially almost thought this floral was kind of ugly, but it grew on me. I also realized just now that it looks a ton like…