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Mod Faces Top, Haircut, and More Orange.

I just realized I hadn't really talked about my Mod Faces top I made riiiiiight before my exhibition!

I whipped this baby up in about 3 hours, pattern and everything! It was a really simple pattern to make: just a princess line with added flare at the bottom from waistline to hem. You get a semi-peplum-ish effect, but not as drastic.

This fabric is a vintage one-way stretch knit that I found on Etsy. I waited 3 weeks to buy this fabric! Why, I don't know but I couldn't stop thinking about it.  The seller confessed that she had a hard time parting with it since she loved it so much!

The inside was finished off with my serger, in a matching color for once!

 You also may have noticed that I got a new hair cut! After almost a year (yikes, I know!) of not getting even a trim, I finally got it cleaned up to what I wanted since last year. The talented Nikki over at Kelly Cardenas Salon in Wicker Park did it for me today - she's fantastic!

Back view. I was really fighting w…