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Showing posts from April 29, 2013

70s Vintage Floral Maxi Find

I found this vintage 70s dress today right after work (!)
 Our backyard is sort of atrocious. But when I moved in here almost 4 years ago we had weeds that were about 3 feet tall. It's been a battle to say the least but at least we have some flowers popping up in the flower bed along with some rhubarb near the corner of the yard. I typically harvest it and make a delicious strawberry rhubarb crisp with it! I usually have extra, so I do give to friends as well. 

 It's finally nice out in Chicago and I think this would be a fun addition to my Connecticut/New York trip coming up. It's a bit unlike my mod garb I like to wear, but different is good! Nice to change it up a bit.

Normally, this is a sort of a dress that I would hem, but I love it as a maxi in all of its 70s glory. I tried it on, not thinking too much of it initially and it fit perfectly. The only thing missing really is a wide-brim sunhat. I don't really wear hats though - they just aren't my thing.