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Showing posts from April 9, 2013

Leibster Award Nomination and Q&A

I was recently given the honor/nomination of the Liebster award by Meg over at Made by Meg which is an award given to lesser-known bloggers who have fantastic blogs! (Usually people with fewer than 200 followers). The other part of this award is choosing 11 of your other favorite bloggers as well as asking them 11 questions so they can answer/nominate on their blogs as well!

I'm not sure I have 11 favorite bloggers with 200 or less followers (many blogs I follow are either fairly well-known or others I love are very infrequently updated), but here are the people who I follow with 200 or less who are super-awesome:

Abby Normal's Guide to Style -

Angela is just getting on a roll with her blog but I found her via Instagram and I love her approach to fashion which is not really caring about labels, wearing what  you like and not what a magazine tells you to like. She's essentially "anti-fashion designer" and I love that even though she definitely knows what the hel…