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Upholstery Fabric as Fashion Fabric

So after about 6 months of on-and-off working on this fall jacket I finally found fabric I wanted for it! 

I had a chance to stop by Textile Discount Outlet again on Tuesday in Pilsen (dummy me had gotten zippers that were just slightly too short for the mix 'n' match dress measurements, but I was feeling absolutely awful the day I picked up zippers.) If you're in the Chicago area and looking for cheap fabric, it's highly recommended you check this place out.

Wandering around almost-aimlessly, and not expecting to find my fabric there for that jacket at all, I wandered into the upholstery fabric section. I did find a bunch of beautiful, ornate brocades but none that would really work with these knitted pieces that I made, according to the jacket design from a 70s craft book.

Thinking back, I perhaps should have used a solid color for these since it would have made my fabric decision a lot easier but then... ta da! I found it!

Perhaps yes, the fabric is a bit couch-is…