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Frank Lloyd Wright and Holga Photos

After a long hiatus, I am back! 
Now that the weather is nicer I have been taking more adventures and taking lots more photos.  (Arthur is still kicking, by the way. Brian always jokes that he's "the only cat that's ever learned to live with cancer". But he's not pretty anymore and sort of smelly. He's still in quite active condition and having fun though.)
Last Thursday, Brian decided we should go tour the Frank Lloyd Wright house and studio in Oak Park.
For those of you just being introduced to Frank Lloyd Wright, he was an American architect who also did interior design as well as a lot of the stained glass work you see inside his houses and buildings. Frank Lloyd Wright designed around 400 structures including his most famous, Fallingwater which I have seen on a television program some years ago. Wright is known for incorporating organic elements in his architecture such as a waterfall and live trees growing through houses, such as the one we saw last w…